What I want for my birthday

I decided to treat my birthday a little different this year. In two short weeks, the only possessions I’ll have will be what I can carry on my back as I begin my journey in Nepal. I have a lot of great books, some of which I have read many times, but I have no intention of taking them with me (hello Kindle!).

lfl_PolkaDotWhen I was in San Francisco for Pride back in June, I stumbled upon a little free library on the street just a block from the Castro. At the time I thought it was a great idea – a place for neighbors to exchange books for free – and when I started thinking about what to do with all the books that I have in my collection, I quickly realized that this would be the perfect solution!

FullSizeRender (15)I searched online to see if there were any of these little libraries in Denver, and stumbled across Little Free Libraries. As you can see in the map here, they are everywhere in Denver. I was surprised I hadn’t seen them before – there is actually one less than a block from where I live, and there may be one in your neighborhood as well!

There are a few books that are near and dear to my heart. I put those books aside so that I could write inscriptions in them. Sometimes picked one of my favorite quotes from the book, sometimes I wrote something encouraging whoever was reading the book to give the gift of a book book to someone in their neighborhood.

FullSizeRender (14)
A quote from Kafka on the Shore – one of my favorite books

And then it was time to celebrate my birthday by giving gifts rather than receiving them.  I easily filled up the little library right by my house, and found 2 other ones that were less than a mile away.

Don’t we all really have too much stuff? Stuff that just sits there and collects dust and doesn’t really do anything for anyone? Books especially are such powerful things, and they do no one any good just sitting there not being read! So here’s what you can do tomorrow or this weekend or on your next birthday: find one of these little libraries in your neighborhood (or even better start your own!) and give something back to the world ❤